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For Sale
  • FOR SALE: KRB 2006 Auto Shake-off table, (Ad Posted 10/18/21)
    It works, but needs a little TLC. $15,000.00 or B.O.
    CONTACT:Matt Knicley Klein Reinforcing Services ph 585-352-9433
  • FOR SALE: KRB Shearline (Ad Posted September 21, 2021)
    Serial 15-SH0928. ASA Control Panel. 480 v AC.
    KRB entry conveyor 60 x 18 with preload.
    2 KRB Storage racks. KRB Intermediate conveyor with double side
    KRB Storage Pockets 50 X four bins single side. H 4002 KRB Shear.
    CONTACT: Call Ralph Pereira Phone 786-287-3401 Price $ 120,000
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Stirrup Bender (Ad Posted June 7, 2021)
    New, Semi-automatic stirrup bender with digital bend controller + inline cutter, good for up to 12 mm,
    form any shape. Model stpCombi. Immediate shipment
    CONTACT: or
    Mobile & WhatsApp +919246568775
  • FOR SALE: MEP Cage Equipment (Ad Posted Feb. 25, 2021)
    MEP Preform Pre Cage assembling machine
    Able to weld automatically stirrups with 2 or 3 longitudinal wires
    of different shapes. V shaped clamping device,
    modular adjustable support table & triple decoiler unit.
    CONTACT: For more info please call toll free 833-639-7707
  • FOR SALE: Rotary Fabmatic aka Dinosaur (Ad Posted Feb. 12, 2021)
    2002 Model in Fair Condition – Regular Maintenance
    Uses #3, and #4 Coil
    4 Spindles included. Currently in Long Island NY
    CONTACT: 516-4157733 or
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Bundle Bender (Ad Posted Feb. 11, 2021)
    NEW Hydraulic-powered rebar bundle bender.
    (Model BB-40) capable of bending multiple rebars simultaneously --
    8mm x 21pcs, 10x14, 12x10, 16x5, 20x3, 25x2 or 40/36/32 mm x 1 nos.
    Large table to facilitate automation.
    US$ 8,200 + shipping. Mobile & WhatsApp +919246568775
    CONTACT: A.Adeni/
  • FOR SALE: One Concept 91 Stirrup Bender (Ad Posted Feb. 10, 2021)
    Working range 2 x #3 ,2 x #4, and one #5 bar.
    Complete with Multi-wire auto changer, two spring arm decoilers, circle attachement.
    CONTACT: For more info please call toll free 833-639-7707
  • FOR SALE: CRS 85v auto stirrup bender (Ad Posted Jan. 28, 2021)
    Fully refurbished, complete with one new spring arm decoiler.
    Capacity one #3 one #4 and One #5 bar. Price 28,000 USD
    CONTACT: Call CRS at 905 734 3858 or toll free 833-639-7707
  • FOR SALE: RMS table stirrup bender (Ad Posted December 7, 2020)
    Good condition – still working in shop
    CONTACT: Email: Cell: 210-845-9805
  • FOR SALE: Shearing Machine (Ad Posted July 28, 2020)
    NEW Hydraulic-powered rebar shearing machine
    (Model V40) capable of cutting multiple rebar simultaneously
    --12mm x7pcs, 16 x5, 20 x4, 25 x2, or 40/36/32mm x 1pc
    Shearing capacity of 7 - 9 tons/hr. Shipped Immediately.
    US$ 3,700 + shipping. /WhatsApp +919246568775
    CONTACT: A.Adeni/
  • FOR SALE: Stirrup bender. (Ad Posted July 20, 2020)
    CRS Staff 89 rebar Stirrup bender. Machine is located in Florida
    Needs a new controller. $8500.00
    CONTACT: Email for pictures.
  • FOR SALE: Shearline for sale (Ad Posted June 8, 2020)
    Used, KRB A114 shearline for sale, year 2008.
    One owner, fully functional. Freight varies depending on your location.
    Includes racks and conveyor for up to 20' bars.
    Price: $14,500. Have pictures. Compressor not included.
    CONTACT: Call and ask for Larry or Carlos 512-759-2245. Email
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted June 2, 2020)
    One Format 16HS capable of running two #3 two #4 and one #5 bar.
    Fully refurbished complete with three payoff stations, winch, Ring forming unit and Multi-wire prefeeding unit
    fully automatic 6 positions for the wire change over manage electronically by the control panel.
    This unit carries a 6 month warranty.
    CONTACT: For further information call 833-639-7707
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted May 7, 2020)
    One Mep Pre Cage Assembling Machine [ Demo ] Fully equip’t with 13ft adjustable modular support table.
    Automatic V shape device to lock in stirrups, Cutting device and Triple decoilers.
    CONTACT: For more info contact toll free 833 639-7707.
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted March 28, 2020)
    Schnell Coil 16 year 2011
    Excellent condition, we are still producing with the machine. Direct available
    Ø6 to Ø16 mm
    Genius straightening system
    4 decoilers 3 ton
    CONTACT: Pieter de Haart +31-(0)620-121700 0620121700 Agrobaan 4a 5813 EB Ysselsteyn KVK: 55355692 IBAN: NL60RABO0137339917 BTW: NL851668719B01
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted January 21, 2020)
    Fabmatic Blades, #3 and #4. Several
    Canton 22 shear blades, new and used, also some bolts
    1982 DMI shear line, 60’ double side entry, 50’ single side exit, RMS Micro Station controller, $12,500 In VA
    Early 80’s #8 DMI bender, Early DMI controller with tooling and flag stops. $2000 In NC
    After cooler-UPA-50-1, VanAir single tower desiccant dryer-2016-, $2500 In NC
    New and Used KRB H2000 Bender controllers
    2 ea Older thumb wheel RMS bender controllers 90's KRB #11 KRB bender w/reworked gear box
    #14 KRB bender with controller and tooling
    Portable Rod Chomper shear/bender.up to #11 bar Gas powered over Hyd.
    CONTACT: Bob, 803 413 2763,
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Fabrication Equipment (Ad Posted October 9, 2019)
    RMS 611 Shear, Shearline, and aSa Controller. 60' infeed and measuring table. Double sided dumps and double sided 2 tier infeed.
    Fully refurbished with all new drive motors, shear pump motor, and motor drives in 2013. aSa Shear Console like new, with hand held scanner.
    This shear/shearline/controller was our primary shear and was only taken out of service due to relocation of our shop into a new building. Located in the Mid Atlantic area. Price $65,000 USD.
    CONTACT: For more info please contact. Phone 757-416-2542
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted September 26, 2019)
    Great opportunities for rebar machinery for you to benefit from
    > 1x PROGRESS ESR 16 :
    6 pay off, Straightening with mobile cage, 1 collecting bench of 12 meters, 1 automatic motorized carriage, Working range 6 to 16mm
    Possibility to bend in both senses (double crosses), Year 2013, Automatic bar change, Machine dismantled since 15 days, Can produce between 10/15 tons by day
    Available immediately. Sales price : 94.000€

    > 1 x MEP concept 91
    4 Pay off, 1 Collecting bench 6 meters, Working range 6 to 16mm, Possibility to bend in both senses (double crosses), Year 2000
    Automatic bar change, Winch, Pre-straightening, Machine in operation, Sales price : 42.500€

    1 x Prima 12 (manufactured in 2005) + 3x pay-off + 6m collecting bench available, 22 659 hours.
    1 x Format S, 2000, totally REFURBISHED with two pay-offs and all of spare parts.
    1 x Polybend 16 , available january 2020
    1 x MSR 16 , collecting bench 12 meters, with 2 pay off , year 1999. Beckhoff control and Servo control new in 2016
    1 x Prima 16, year 2014, with 2 pay off. 5000 working hours only, machine refurbished
    2 x Mep Preform C
    1 x MSR 16 , year 1999 with 4 pay off, collecting bench 14 meters
    1 x Formula 14 Sapiens, 2008 model
    1 x mini syntax , year 2004 , 16000 working hours, collecting bench 9 m, 3 pay offs
    1 x Formula 12HS, year 2005 model, dismantled
    1 x Staff 14 , year 2005, with 4 pay offs GBO. In operation
    1x Barwiser 25
    1 x MEP RF 20, straightening and cutting machine, up to 20 mm , year 2018 , “as new” working..
    1 x CR32 Spiral machine
    1 x syntax line 25
    Lot (Indivisible) : 1 xPrima 12R with two coil basket 1 x barwiser 22s with 12 mtr storage rack with 9 mtr collecting bench
    1 x shear line 300 with storage racks 3+3 & collecting chain pockets on one side with 2 nos 12 mtr conveyor on both the sides 1 x robomaster 45 with 12 mtr conveyor Sales price : 385.000 euros Exworks
    CONTACT: EUROMÁQUINA, S.L. Madrid -SPAIN (: (+34) 916587293 Movil phone + whatsapp: (+34) 656837542
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted September 6, 2019)
    2005 KRB Magnabend 235, 30’ table with 3 rolling 2 pocket bins catch arms. Electrically powered feed rollers with air powered separated pin arms.
    Both benders are hydraulically operated. Set up for 480 volts. Has mandrels for #4 thru #10 bars. Does great as double bends under 20’ and single bends up to 40’.
    Double bends over 26’ feet can be tricky to set up. Unit is still plugged in and working, but not using as much, so time to move on.
    Some replacements have been; (1) moveable bender board, main power supply transformer , moveable hydraulic motor and (2) drive encoders.
    If any spares are available, they will ship with the machine. Taking best offer for this unit, unit will be listed on other places for sale so it is subject to prior sale.
    CONTACT: for more information or to submit a cost. When you email us, please let us know your time zone so we can call you at the appropriate time. Please, no soliciting of other services or such.
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted August 27, 2019)
    1) One MEP Syntax line 25 with capabilities of running two 5 bar one 6,7 and 8 bar. Year 2007 and Refurbished in 2018 complete with 40ft 8 pocket preload
    storage rack 40ft collecting bench and mobile collecting rack for more info on this unit please contact us at the toll free number
    2) One 2002 MEP format s coil machine. Runs two number 3 bar and one number 4 bar complete with 3 decoilers.
    Good running condition. Price as is 35,000.00 USD.
    CONTACT: For more info please contact. Phone 905 833-639-7707.
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted August 22, 2019)
    CRS 635 Shearline – New in 2016 – CRS Guillotine Shear & 5 Station Controller
    CRS Mini-Maxe 85 Auto Bender
    KRB #11 Table Bender
    Piranha Shear
    CONTACT: Email for Pictures & Pricing –
  • FOR SALE: RMS 411 Shear Machine For Sale, Location: China (Ad Posted July 31, 2019)
    Specifications. Motor 20HP. Hydraulic Pump Parker Variable Volume. Hydraulic Pump Flow Rate 30 gal/min.
    Regen System Flow Rate 58 gal/min. Hydraulic Cylinder 8in Bore x 6in Stroke. Shearing Force 95 tons.
    Hydraulic Tank Capacity 85 gal. Blade Width 12 in. Conveyor Width 12 in. Shearing Time 1.7 seconds down 4.0 seconds total.
    Dimensions 4ft Wide x 7ft long x 6.5ft tall. Weight 5000 lbs. Hold Down 3.25 inch diameter x 3 inch.
    CONTACT: Mr. Mahmoud email
  • FOR SALE: RMS Shearline (Ad Posted July 10, 2019)
    2015 RMS 411 rebar shearline for sale. 60' stock infeed and 60' measuring table outfeed. One sided dump. Only used for three years. Nice unit.
    Asking price firm at $78,000.
    CONTACT: Jared
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted May 22, 2019)
    > 2016 MEP Format 13. LOW HOURS. Runs coils and spools. #3 and #4 rebar. 480V Located in Shelby, OH. $70,000
    > 2015 Gensco LRB 40. 230V. #3 - #10. Only used for two years. Great for small shops or new shops. Located in Shelby, OH. $5,000
    CONTACT: Jared.
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted May 21, 2019)
    One Mep Format 16hs 3D with four decoilers capable of running 2 # 3, 2 # 4, and one # 5 bar. Year 2018.
    Has never been installed.
    CONTACT: For more information please contact 905-734-3858, or 1-833-639-7707.
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted March 8, 2019)
    Format line 16hs 3D with 60ft single preload rack, two decoilers and a 30ft collecting rack. Year 2017.
    Runs two number 3 bar 2 # 4 and single number 5 bar.
    CONTACT: For more info please contact 905-734-3858
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted March 4, 2019)
    One Syntax Line 28 cutting and shaping plant from bar. Year 2016 complete with 60ft mobile storage unit with 8 pockets, 50ft guide and support bench plus mobile collection carriage
    One beta system automatic stirrup bending unit with servo driven motors complete with three spring arm decoilers capacity 2#3 2#4 and one #5 bar. 2006
    One Mini Syntax stirrup bending unit fully refurbished with two new spring arm decoilers and U2000 controller.
    CONTACT: For more info please contact 1 833-639-7707
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted February 14, 2019)
    Canton 22-AL shear-18" blades. $12,500 In VA
    Canton 22 shear blades, new and used.
    1982 DMI shear line, 60’ double side entry, 50’ single side exit, RMS Micro Station controller, $12,500 In VA
    Early 80’s #8 DMI bender, Early DMI controller with tooling and flag stops. $2000 In NC
    After cooler-UPA-50-1, VanAir single tower desiccant dryer-2016-, $2500 In NC
    New and Used KRB H2000 Bender controllers
    2 ea Older thumb wheel RMS bender controllers
    Mid 90's KRB #11 bender w/reworked gear box
    Portable Rod Chomper shear/bender. Gas powered over Hyd.
    CONTACT: Bob, 803 413 2763,
  • FOR SALE: KRB Spiralmatic (Ad Posted January 29, 2019)
    KRB Spiralmatic with less than 100 hrs. Just like new. Has some warranty left.
    CONTACT Donnie Crum 731-445-0953
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted November 22, 2018)
    Schnell Eura 16/12 Evo Bridge year 2011 incl 8 decoilers, double bending head
    Schnell CR32 spiral machine year 2018 like new
    AWM Autobend full automatic mesh bending system year 2001
    Machines are located in the Netherlands.
    CONTACT: Pieter de Haart +31-(0)620-121700
    Good for straight bars up to 16 mm dia.
    The machine is computer controlled, where programs are tested and stored. A program can be recalled and the machine is set for a production run.
    Bi-directional bending capability, to manage complex stirrup shapes. The machine can process bars in size 6/8/10 x 2 nos, 12/16 mm x 1 nos.
    Production: Cycle time for a typical rectangle/square 5-bend stirrup: 5 per minute Capacity : approx 4-5 tons/day
    The machine uses standard hydraulics which ensures high reliability, performance and easy maintenance. Installed power: 5 hp
    Brand New - Immediate Delivery - List Price $ 30,000 negotiable
    CONTACT: /
  • FOR SALE: H-4002 HYDRAULIC SHEAR Line 2010 (Ad Posted June 6, 2018)
    KRB Shear Line with Console 60 in Foot with 55 Foot Output 3 Tier with Compressor
    Designed to work with virtually any shearline, including existing shearlines. It is available with an automatic entry table which lowers as the bars are being cut to provide an even, non-binding cut.
    Since the movable cutting head is on the input side, scrap and short pieces will fall automatically into a scrap hopper which is provided. 3 Tier Input Tables
    This relieves the operator from having to reach under the shear head to remove short pieces. This is both a time saver and a safety feature. It also permits the sheared bar to be conveyed from the shear the instant the cut is made.
    CONTACT: 516-754-8500 Price $119,000 FOB Medford New York (250,000 New)
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted May 30, 2018)
    MEP-OMES FLEXI PLUS included CS40 dublle bending unit, year 2007,
    Stirrup bender ORUFER IS12 year 2007,
    Stirrup bender MEP Mini maxi.
    Stirrup bender EVG PBC14 year 1992
    OMES P140 semiautomatic dublle bending unit, table included.
    Stema pedax rollmaster 40W year 2007
    Schnell Formula 14, Beta System 14, aveable for 30 days.
  • FOR SALE: Mep Rebar Bender (Ad Posted April 27, 2018)
    For Sale. Mep Concept 91 Auto Stirrup bender complete with two new Decoilers.
    This bender handles double #3 double # 4 and single #5. Also includes a T3 attachment and 6 month warranty.
    CONTACT: Sales @ 905 -734-3858 , 905-401-4788 for more Info.
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment FOB Medford NY (Ad Posted March 20, 2018)
    Broderson 2007 Carry Deck Crane IC-80 3G Price Used $35,000
    Low Hours. Tough, versatile, and years of dependable service all contributed to making the Broderson IC 80 the most popular compact pick and carry deck crane in the industry.
    Adaptable for a wide variety of industrial and maintenance applications, the IC 80 is an ideal industrial carry deck crane for your heavy lifting in constrained environments.
    Capacity on Outriggers is 18,000 lbs. Pick and Carry Capacity is 11,700 lbs
    Height is 7' 3" Width is 6’ 6" Maximum Tip Height is 46' (with Boom Extension) Maximum Horizontal Reach is 40'
    CONTACT: AM Manhattan Realty LLC, Mr. Matt Ianiello Jr, 123 Wheatley Rd, Old Westbury NY 11568, 516-754-8500,
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment in Virginia, USA (Ad Posted January 18, 2018)
    Canton 22-AL shear-18" blades. $12,500
    Canton 22 shear blades, new and used.
    1 set KRB H4000 shear blades new.
    CONTACT: Bob Vest phone 803 413 2763 email
  • WANTED: Schnell CER 40 (Ad Posted June 9, 2021)
    We are wanting to buy a used Schnell CER 40 for use in Australia.
    Please let me know if you currently or in the future have one available.
    CONTACT: Robert Sim +6421 259 8558 MARS Mesh & Reinforcing Srvc
  • WANTED: Rebar Table Bender (Ad Posted December 7, 2020)
    R.M.S. 11 or 14 table bender. Or equivalent
    CONTACT: Email: Cell: 210-845-9805
  • WANTED: Rebar Shearline (Ad Posted October 27, 2020)
    40’ or 30’ KRB or RMS Shearline. Ph. 256-565-4553
  • WANTED: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted Sept. 29, 2020)
    We are looking for Schnell and Mep machines
    to work Coils up to 16-20mm.
    No resellers, please.
    CONTACT: Please Email
  • WANTED: Rebar Equipment in the U.S.A. (Ad Posted Sept. 3, 2020)
    CONTACT: Josh - Please Email
  • WANTED: Spiral Machine (Ad Posted March 6, 2019)
    I need a rebar machine to make spirals in 8mm 10mm and 12mm for use in post tension slabs.
    Also have a need for cad technicians and precast production mgrs.
    Based in Ireland
    CONTACT: Matt Tel: +353 (0)61 397 479 Fax: +353 (0)61 600 719 Moblie: +353 (0)86 2504332 Moblie (Uk): 07586 259872 Email:
  • WANTED: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted November 26, 2018)
    We are interested in purchasing good used rebar equipment.
    stirrup bender EVG Polybend PBC 2-16 Servo with pay-off for coils
    Year of construction 2004-2008
    Please contact us to request pictures and prices.
    CONTACT: Frank Richter, Cell No +49 171 310 13 19 or email
  • WANTED – ARNOLD SHEARING MACHINES, second hand used. (Ad Posted October 23, 2018)
    Does anybody have this equipment? If so, please let me know as soon as possible, at your convenience!
    CONTACT: Patrick Murray Deane, Specialist Equipment Manufacturers Phone: +27(0)11 316 1626 Email:
  • WANTED: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted December 15, 2017)
    We are interested in purchasing good used rebar equipment.
    Double bender PEDAX Permatic 60 year 2004-2008 and also stirrup bender EVG Polybend 12/14 year 1992-1994 with pay-off for coils
    Please contact us to request pictures and prices.
    CONTACT: Frank Richter, Cell No +49 171 310 13 19 or email
  • WANTED: KRB 722 Spiralmatic Machine. (Ad Posted June 14, 2017)
    CONTACT: Tony Tigani phone +61755899705 Location: Australia
  • WANTED: MEP Auto Bender (Ad Posted March 9, 2017)
    I am looking for an MEP used auto bender that can bend #3, #4, #5
    CONTACT: Mathew, ph 631-496-9605 ext 302 email