Application Software

A Baker's Dozen Reasons to
Acquire Shear 97 Rebar Software

  1. A genius once said "everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler". We're not geniuses, but we've worked hard to "right-size" Shear 97, giving you the power you need, but excluding unneeded, complicating "bells & whistles".

  2. There are currently over 900 successful installations of Shear 97, indicating proven, tested, debugged, reliable rebar software.

  3. Since 1982, we have a reputation of programming minor changes in our software, free of charge!

  4. Shear 97 is a true 32-bit Windows program; you're not limited by old ms-dos.

  5. Never a "maintenance fee". If you buy something once, why should you be forced into paying for it forever?

  6. Shear 97 has 38 different tag styles from which to choose, or we'll be glad to program your own tag style to meet your needs.

  7. Thermal tags: we have 12 years of experience and knowledge of the tricks and traps of successful thermal tag printing. Bar-coding or laser tags - no problem! Need a great source for rebar tags? Call or email us and we'll be glad to put you in touch with a very reputable and experienced tag supplier!

  8. Shear 97 tags and barlist and report printouts have been widely acclaimed for their layout and professional look. Our landscape barlist has been called "the best looking barlist in the business".

  9. Shear 97 lets you create your own bend types with the "Shapemaster".

  10. Powerful macro formulas increase your detailing and estimating productivity.

  11. Shear 97 modules include ShearCAD Detailing, Barlisting, Tagging, Interactive Detailing, Optimum Shearing, Estimating/Pricing, Job Scheduling, Invoicing/Bill of Lading, remote detailer "Sendfile" system.

  12. Shear 97 can work with all makes of shearlines and benders.

  13. Last, but definitely not least, the word around the industry is that we give the best support in the business, bar none. Our customers appreciate us, and we are devoted to our customers. We do whatever it takes to make sure you are productively using the Shear 97 Rebar Software in your shop. We are always available to answer any question about Shear 97, free of charge.

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